KN95 Face Mask


Professional Protective Equipment for Healthcare Facilities

Ideal for daily use at home, work, travel, or trips to the supermarket and gym, our KN95 face masks are FDA registered, genuine, and made in accordance with industry standards. The 5-layer foldable mask has up to 95% filtration efficiency of non-oily suspended particles of 0.3-micron levels. Help prevent the spread of germs and protect yourself from airborne particles, pollen, and other allergens.

  • Innovative active filtration barrier protects the respiratory system.
  • Soft & flexible adjustable nose bridge for maximum comfort & a perfect fit.
  • Two strap ear-loop design stretches to fit all sizes providing a secure seal.
  • Lightweight in construction & fits securely over the face to prevent shifting during movement.

This is how it works

We have contracted with multiple Vendors and Suppliers from all over the world to identify excess or over manufactured PPE products.  They than offer this supply to us for distribution and sales. We do not offer any products that are not already located in one of our warehouses in the U.S.  When we get a new product in we will offer it to our subscribers first come first served. 

This weeks Inventory

This 3-Ply PPE mask is a protective mask that fits everyday needs. The outermost layer is made of a non-woven fabric to block larger incoming particles. The inner filter layer provides sub-micron filtration to effectively block smaller particles. The last user-facing layer is woven from a soft hypoallergenic fabric to ensure a comfortable fit. 

This gown is intended to prevent transmission of infective agents between clinical staff and patients.  Includes neck tie to close the neck and back of the gown.  Includes functional cuffs constructed from a white knitted material.

This FDA approved non-contact infrared forehead temporal artery thermometer provides a fast and accurate temperature reading within 1 second from up to 2 inches away from the skin. This contact free and non-invasive reading method is easy to use, making for a stress-free temperature taking experience that ensures an exact reading every time.

A KN95 face mask approved by CDC and white listed by the FDA. The KN95 Face Mask helps reduce exposure to biological substances, such as bacteria and viruses. Wearing a mask cannot eliminate all of the risk of infection as it depends on many other variants.

Medical gloves are examples of personal protective equipment that are used to protect the wearer and/or the patient from the spread of infection or illness during medical procedures and examinations.  Medical gloves are one part of an infection-control strategy.

Medical gloves are disposable and include examination gloves, surgical gloves, and medical gloves for handling chemotherapy agents (chemotherapy gloves). 

Antibacterial disposable wipes are an instant non sticky and soap-free cleanser that leaves hands clean and  requires no rinsing,  and kills 99% of most common germs within seconds. These wipes dry quickly after use and ensures proper hygiene. Will leave hands clean. Very convenient, portable, and accessible anywhere or anytime protect yourself from harmful disease and viruses. All wipes effectively remove fingerprints, oil stains, and germs after applying on any surface. 

Face Shield with Glasses Frame, Clear, Anti Fog, Reusable, Amazing Fit, Comfortable, Looks Great, Acceptable for Adults, Kids 10 years and older!

FULL PROTECTION: Reusable safety face shields,  from the forehead to the chin protecting against foreign threats. 180 degrees design offers full protection preventing water droplets, saliva, splashes, oil and dust.

KN95 face masks with respirator valve.  This mask features multiple color choices and is an exhalation valve that is useful in dissipating humidity, heat, and carbon dioxide from the inside of KN95 respirator facepiece and decrease exhalation resistance, thereby making the respirator more comfortable and less demanding for the user to breath. Features include moldable nose bridge and comfortable over the ear straps.

Hand Sanitizer Gel is formulated with 75% Ethyl Alcohol to kill 99.9% of illness-causing bacteria. Dispensed conveniently in a pump-bottle system, this non-sticky Sanitizer Gel  contains no  added artificial scent or fragrance. 

Premium quality of 3-ply disposable children masks for non-medical uses.

HYPOALLERGENIC, ULTRA SOFT, NON-ABRASIVE inner liner makes the mask comfortable on your skin. Hassle-free design allows for easily pulling out the mask with one-hand. Aluminum Strip for optimal shaping over the nose curve.

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